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Conference Norm Critical Leadership. Challenging Norms and Nordic Exceptionalism

In the conference Norm Critical Leadership. Challenging Norms and Nordic Exceptionalism we ask, how one can become a changemaker and dismantle discriminatory norms, normative structures and hierarchies within the arts and culture sector? What does norm critical leadership mean in different situations and contexts?The aim of the conference is to critically analyze the rhetoric of and the passionate engagement with narratives of “Nordicness” and “Nordic exceptionalism”. Openness, equity, equality and sustainability are seen as the foundations of Nordic societies and Nordic cooperation and the keys to Nordic Exceptionalism. However, the positive narratives often ignore the existence of unjust structures in our societies, and art and cultural institutions, too.

The registration deadline has passed and the conference is full, but it is possible to follow the program via live stream.You can access the conference live stream with a web browser:
Conference Live Stream: Wednesday 8 February
Conference Live Stream: Thursday 9 February Streaming hours (the live stream will not be recorded)
Wednesday 8 February: 10.00–16.30 EET
Thursday 9 February: 9.00–17.00 EET



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