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Hack4OpenGLAM cultural hackathon took place for the first time last year at the Creative Commons Global Summit. AvoinGLAM (a joint GLAM working group by Wikimedia Finland, Open Knowledge Finland, and Creative Commons Finland) is seeking to arrange it again in 2021.

GLAM hackathons have been arranged as in-person events in countries around the world. Hack4OpenGLAM wishes to become a global online doathon, with a strong focus on Knowledge Equity. The goal is to bring together GLAM organizations, Wikimedia and other open knowledge volunteers, creators, educators, students and researchers working with Open Access to cultural heritage to play and experiment together.

The event consists of a workshop day, followed by three independent working days during the CC Summit days, and a celebration event after the summit.

Join the event as a a hacker, creator, GLAM professional

Propose a project to work on, join others in their project, bring the content of you institution and your expertise of the subject matter to the event, or come and support those who wish to use your tools. Registering for the event starts as soon as we have prepared the platforms for registering (June/July). In the meanwhile, you can register your interest by taking this survey or by adding your signature on this page.


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