A shared enterprise architecture is used to guide the technological development conducted by actors in the cultural heritage sector. The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the management of the enterprise architecture, and it is developed in collaboration with actors from the cultural heritage sector. The goal of the common enterprise architecture is to ensure the interoperability of the technological solutions and information used in different services.

Currently, the digital cultural heritage initiative is subject to the guidelines for enterprise architecture created for the National Digital Library (NDL) project in 2016. The architecture describes the shared services that belong to the digital cultural heritage initiative, and it also outlines how all other key services are to be arranged so that they can be utilised in the most efficient way possible to best meet the needs of the initiative’s stakeholders.

The enterprise architecture describes the integration between Finna, the Cultural Heritage DP service and the background systems of the participating organisations, the shared standards that are employed, as well as the connections to other services.

General view of the enterprise architecture. In addition to shared services, support services, the standard portfolio and the background systems of the participating organisations, the enterprise architecture also encompasses service processes, data streams and the transfer of metadata between the services.

NDL enterprise architecture version 3.0., 3 February 2016 

The NDL enterprise architecture in brief

Presentation slides on the NDL enterprise architecture 

The standard portfolio defines the standards that are used in Finna and DP services and in other shared systems. The goal of the standardisation process is to ensure the functionality of the enterprise architecture that is under development, which requires an adequate level of semantic commensurability between the metadata stored by different organisations.

NDL standard portfolio version 1.1.0., 17 May 2016 


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