The Finto service is a centralised thesaurus and ontology service maintained by the National Library of Finland. The service provides a publication platform and the necessary tools and expert services for the use of thesauri and vocabularies. The goal of Finto is to promote the semantic interoperability of public sector information resources and to provide smart solutions to help improve the discoverability of information. is an open publishing and usage platform for ontologies and vocabularies. It serves as a one-stop-shop for accessing a number of general and domain vocabularies and ontologies for example, in the fields of public administration, business, medicine, horticulture and culture. In addition to thematic vocabularies, the service includes various information registers and classifications.

Together with its partners, the Finto service is responsible for the development of the General Finnish Ontology (YSO), the YSO Places Ontology, the General Finnish Thesaurus (YSA) and many other descriptive vocabularies that are available on Finto is also responsible for coordinating the development of the linked KOKO Ontology cloud, which consists of linked ontologies from different organisations, as well as for its technical maintenance. In addition to its own development work, the National Library of Finland provides vocabulary-related expertise and support services for other organisations.

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