The National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) preserves and makes available Finnish audiovisual cultural heritage: films and television and radio programmes.

KAVI offers its digital materials and datasets for use on the service via its customised interface. Filmographic details of films released in Finland constitute the main contents of the service. Finna also contains photos and film clips of Finnish films as well as entire short films and newsreels. The materials are freely available for viewing on-line, but their reuse is forbidden. KAVI’s Memory in Motion service (Elävä muisti) also offers access to the digitised collections of the film archive and the radio and television archive: documentaries, newsreels, advertisements and fiction.

Films that KAVI owns can be rented for cinema screenings. For more information, see KAVI’s website. KAVI’s library is the nation’s largest cinematic information centre. Its database is available online at

The programme stream of key radio and TV channels in their entirety as well as samples from around 100 channels are recorded in the Ritva database of the Radio and Television Archive. The programmes can be streamed on dedicated computer stations at KAVI and at several libraries.

KAVI provides metadata on domestic television series as open data with the CC BY 4.0 licence. A summary of the open data materials is available on KAVI’s website.