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Social Media and Heritage Management – paving the way towards inclusive approaches

This workshop will explore how to use social media data for a more inclusive approach to heritage management.

Mahda Foroughi will present ’Social Media and Heritage Management: paves the way towards an inclusive approach’

Social media is a platform that locals and tourists have increasingly used to express their opinions about architectural buildings and urban spaces, in particular heritage sites. Many scholars have been using social media to conduct innovative research to engage people, interpret their opinions, and code values associated with heritage attributes.

The workshop was created from a project called ”Public Participation and Consensus in World Heritage management”, which aims to facilitate public inclusion in heritage management. The workshop presents an introduction to coding values and attributes of text documents based on two theoretical frameworks (Veldpaus, 2015; Pereira Roders, 2007). It will take you step by step through the stages of the innovative project which codes social media data using Artificial Intelligence (including Natural Language Processing techniques and BERT model). This could be exactly what you need if you are interested in heritage management and digital humanities.

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15:00 - 16:00
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