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After revising the CC Global Summit, we’ve decided to once again open our Call for Proposals (CFP) to better reflect the dynamics of our world today, including proposals that address issues regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the global movement against racial injustice. This CFP also welcomes proposals that take into account the changing medium of the CC Global Summit, from an in-person gathering to a virtual event. Finally, while the official language of the event is English, we highly encourage proposals in any of the five languages we’re supporting this year: Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish.

In this CFP, we’re asking for proposals that address the topics and issues outlined in the tracks below with a focus on actionable insights and outcomes—from case studies to workshops and storytelling sessions. 

  • Creators of the Commons – The faces, work, and stories of those building the Commons
  • Powering the CommonsExploring the tools, technology, and communities that power the Commons
  • Open Education and Open Scholarship Supporting communities that practice open access to education and scholarship
  • Open Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums – Improving and expanding open access to cultural heritage
  • Policy and Advocacy promoting the Commons – Strategies for legal action and copyright reform

We’re very excited to host the CC Global Summit virtually this year and for the opportunity to once again gather the open community under the umbrella of learning, sharing, and creating to begin an exercise of internal reflection on how to build a more equitable, inclusive and accessible world.

The deadline for proposals is 17 July 2020. Please review the guidelines before submitting your proposal!


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